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DUEL IN THE SKY video is now available at Youtube for viewing on my channel Kingtutlofts in six separate parts
 simply go to you tube or facebook and search for kingtutlofts.


It is designed to give full understanding of the ES as a powerful flyer with homing ability. The unparalleled colors and majestic appearance of the ES complement the demonstration of those two qualities. San Diego State University and the Natural History Museum of San Diego provided the scientific material for narration.

Duel in the Sky covers the following segments:

  • Handling the performing ES with a demonstration to illustrate the difference between the flying show bird and the non-flying birds loose bird.

  • Flying an assortment of young squeakers.

  • Flying the ES with racing pigeons from other lofts.

  • Take-off and their landing maneuver to evade Hawks.

  • Discussing Differences among major attacking raptors, aided by showing actual attacks.

  • A dramatic and sensational attack by the Peregrine Falcon on the ES, which took more than three weeks of daily filming to get a clear footage (replayed in slow motion).

  • Training the birds to race around San Diego County.

  • An interviews with Mr. Jim Warren, a well respected racing fancier and a winner of many Diplomas. Our visit ends up with releasing our birds among his racing homers to check their ability to home back from his site.

  • A 33.5 air miles toss (55 kilometers) event, symbolizing different approach to the entire flying breeds.

  • A display of good quality ES takes place throughout the video. 


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