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Ahmar means Red in English and Akwal translates to a shade of red..The group is commonly  Known "Ahmar Gohzar". Gohzar is the proper Egyptian name for the English misnomer "ES". Morraca is the white flight of the same bird. Note the rich red color that is expressed by two recessive red genes, marking the purity of color. Also note the inclined beaks that is a part of a powerful head. Heads here are much larger than the Safis and its blend with the broad necks is less prominent. Some younger birds tend to show paleness in color that goes away after the first malt. Akwal has a rich Apricot color and some have white flights. My  mix example is clear lack of knowledge with the ES groups and unfortunately it is on Wikipedia. The product as you note is a mix of  Ahmar Gohzar and Gazgandi. Make it a part of your mission to correct egregious mixing results if you see them.

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