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I am presenting you with a sample of GOHZAR pictures from Egypt that I thought it would help guiding to a better selection and breeding. Their approach has evolved from inheriting the tradition of raising the Swifts. I always think of it as a religion or tradition that you learn through the successive generations without reading a book. You might deviate slightly from dogmatic believes, but the core stay the same. They have done remarkable job However; sacrificed, in my opinion, the body style and the health of the bird in many cases. Apparently by inbreeding harshly to achieve exaggerated facial qualities. I have tried to stay away from loose feathers because , I have grown up in the flying school and despise weak birds with loose feathers, that could not fly. Flying birds are far more fertile and have far better immune system.... I have tried my best to submit pictures that show the entire bird to to present it truthfully. In any evaluation of birds or animals, the head is a part of the body. They could not be separated. In any point system, the winner is the fancier that achieve both. 

While it's acceptable to show a picture of the head by itself, it would be far defining and conclusively convincing to add the picture of the entire bird next to it. 

I would like to conclude by saying that picture presentation should be soon replaced by video clips for a more realistic evaluation.

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