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We are multitalented breed with a class! We are the Egyptian Swifts or as they call them in Egypt the "GOHZAR" 

The truth is, it's something about this breed that have evoked my inner thoughts to create this page. Those who know me are aware that I am not fond of sedentary jobs. As a Clinical Scientist with specialty in Microbiology, I am limited in my computer skills to job related programs and other life essentials. Because I didn't want to be restricted to a server template to build a web page, I decided to go back to school to learn about HTML programing and computer graphics. It took me near a year and lots of patience to learn what is needed to built a well deserving page for the breed. I signed up for night classes after work for up to four times a week at the local College to learn the intricate of web design. 

Another important aspect is photography. Those who are familiar with the breed know that it is impossible to make them relax in one position for any length of time. With both Digital Camera and superior cameras on cell phone, I was able to shoot the entire pictures that you are viewing on the site in the past four years. I shot so many, but only settled for handful. Now with the social media, I have a youtube channel called kingtutlofts and the same goes on face book since people don't seem to read much anymore

 My mission from day one since I built the first site in 1995 using AOL gadgets was to make fanciers more aware of the ten groups and their standards. I have become critical of misleading pictures over the internet and enjoy critiquing them in a constructive way. I am so happy that it has finally paid off.

I appreciate your comments and thank you for visiting.

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