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Cell (619)9812140 

Unfortunately shipping from southern California or receiving to it is on hold. Therefore we are restricted for the the time being..

Prime Stock (Group A)

Flying, homing and fancy all in one bird (Multi-ES). They have excellent maneuvering ability. They are the offspring of the main flying kit and very similar to pictures on display throughout this site. They are less than three years old. On the scale they are at least 80% of the standards.

Priced at $500 per pair and up.

Stock (Group B) 
Same as the prime group, but older. they are between four and six years old. Price varies depending on age, color and number of pairs purchased. On the scale they are at least 80% of the standards.

Priced at $400 - $500 per pair.

Best Buy (Group C)
On the scale they are around 60% to 70% of the standards.

Priced at $350 - $400 per pair.

Note About All Birds
The availability of each group varies from one season to another as I produce no more than 30 birds each year. 
I am limited in space. I work on the honor system and I yet to have a complaint about the health status or the fertility of my birds. All birds are vaccinated annually for P.M.V.

Photo Sale
Each requested photo for any particular reason, except publication is $20. I do not issue additional photos pending any sale. All sale birds are very similar to the many pictures available on the site. The argument here is the seller could present you with one thing and sells you something else. 


Domestic Shipping And Containers
$100 for two to four birds for shipping within the USA (in addition to the container cost).

Overseas Shipping
Countries have different rules for importing live birds. Your first step then should be to contact your Department of Agriculture or your airport shipping to find about your regulations. 
Second, arrange for air shipping from Los Angeles or preferably San Diego to your destination. I will arrange to issue and pay for the health certificate and approved USA containers, if you buy five or more pairs. All shipping and costs has to be arranged from your destination. You must make sure that your country accepts pigeons from the USA to ensure the safety and arrival of your birds. In all cases payment must be received in full before shipping.

Contact  Information
You may contact me on my cell at 619-981-2140 or
Warning: Don't be deceived by those who claim that their birds from my stock. Get their names and ask them for the band numbers and I will run a computer check for you.

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